“Locas vs Locos” from Love & Rockets by Jaime Hernandez

Jaime Hernandez, Love & Rockets “Locas vs Locos” p. 6, 1986

Jaime Hernandez (born 1959) is the younger brother of Gilbert Hernandez and half of the duo that have produced Love & Rockets since 1981 (third brother Mario was an early contributor as well). Inspired by L.A. punk rock, science fiction movies, classic comics art by Alex Toth and Dan DeCarlo, and his Oxnard neighborhood, his early stories about friend Maggie and Hopey often involved exotic locations and hints of science fiction. By the time he drew "Locas vs Locos," he had dropped almost all the fantastic trappings.

Unlike other cartoonists who came up through punk rock (Gary Panter, Savage Pencil, etc.), Jaime Hernandez's art and storytelling don't attempt to be a visual analog to punk rock. His stories use a classical language of comics to illustrate the lives of young Los Angeles punk rockers. The tension between the drawing style and the subject matter permits a different kind of comic, deeply character based and emotionally intense. Hernandez is also unusual in his focus on his female characters, particularly his two main protagonists, Maggie and Hopey. Early on, Hernandez decided to drop the unrealistic idealizing tendencies of comics visuals to give Maggie and Hopey realistic body images. These approaches helped Love & Rockets become especially popular with female comics readers, who felt excluded by much sexist comics content and culture that existed then (and still exists now).

Virtually everything Jaime Hernandez has ever drawn is in print. I'd recommend starting with Maggie the Mechanic and The Girl from H.O.P.P.E.R.S. as introductions to his fictional worlds.